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Let’s Pretend It’s 1998 For Five Minutes

So I’ve been in a Sonic Adventure kick for a few days now. Looking back at what made the game great, going through how it was developed…there’s no denying that, regardless of how you feel about the game nowadays, the Sonic Team that made that game put a lot of care and effort into it. They gave everything the thought it deserved, didn’t take any one aspect lightly, and somehow had a blast while making it. And they went to a different country just to gain inspiration! That’s nothing to sneeze at.

What some of you may have forgotten, though was the huge media push that went on during the buildup for the first game. And how was it all launched off? With a gala event right in Tokyo, showing off the game for the first time to the masses. Being a thirteen year old kid at the time, I couldn’t attend in person, instead watching a live stream over dial-up at a blazing 33.6k. Sure, I couldn’t understand a word of it, and I could barely make out anything over that RealPlayer stream, but gosh darn it, it was amazing. It was Sonic.

And it wasn’t hosted by this guy:

The above footage was taken from a “video magazine” called Fuse. I bet you wish you were as cool as that guy. Then you could make weird faces when talking about wrestling and awkwardly try to hit on that girl in the video and never get to first base. Yes, he is very late 90’s, but there’s nothing wrong with drifting back to a more simple time. I still want those pins…and that book…