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Monday Links: The One Before Labor Day Edition

So, between last weekend’s PAX shenanigans, more details on Sonic CD’s re-release and some weird trailer for SAGE that was released, we’ve got a lot to cover this week. Let’s go!

Sonic Retro News

  • This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise at this point, but Sonic CD is coming to XBLA, PSN and a bevvy of mobile devices. Oh, and it’s being ported by Retro’s Own (TM) Taxman. Also, it’s pretty awesome. [ Sonic CD coming to everything except Nintendo systems ]
  • Bgvanbur has been researching Cinepak on the Sega CD, which needless to say, isn’t the best-documented codec. So why not make a technical demo with…Nyan Cat? I’m sensing a trend here with hackers and that cat. [ Demystifying Cinepak for Sega ]
  • The KKM linked a very odd video on the forums looking for an explanation behind it. Personally, I don’t have one, but it still needs to be seen for its sheer weirdness. That, and maybe one of you actually do know its origins. [ A weird video in the Supreme Topic ]

Sega/Sonic News

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Sonic the Hedgehog OVA Available for Mobile Phones

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the 1996 two-part OVA Sonic the Hedgehog, stop reading this and immediately track down a copy to watch–it’s quite possibly the best Sonic-related animation out there and definitely is a nice contrast to the Western Sonic series from the early 90s.

However, if you happen to live in Japan and haven’t seen it yet (or would just like another shot at seeing it), Bandai Channel is offering the Sonic OVA ahead of its 15-year anniversary this upcoming May both for PC and mobile phones. Each episode is priced at the pretty reasonable cost of ¥210. You can check out a preview or watch on PC at the Bandai Channel website for the OVA (do note that you need to have a Japanese IP in order to access the movie) or you can see the mobile mini-site and download the episodes directly to your phone or mobile device by following this link.