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Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas Extravaganza


Twelve Days of Sonic Retro Christmas 2011: Day 2

On the second day of Christmas, Retro gave to me…

…the return of Fleetway’s Christmas Sonic comics.

For those who were around last year, you may remember that I started to go through the Christmas issues of the U.K. Sonic the Comic series by Fleetway. I only got through two articles before I realized I didn’t have much time before Christmas, and while I said I was going to do them after…well, this is still after, right? For those who need a refresher course, the Fleetway series was the comic book Europe was able to read, based on the storyline Sega of America came up with about Dr. Ovi Kintobor and the R.O.C.C. Fellow Retro staff member Overlord has been going through how the comic handled its game adaptations, but I called the Christmas issues long ago. So with apologies to the English, I continue on with the third and final part of the series, taking a look at issue 145 to see how Sonic spent his Christmas on the other side of the pond.

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Twelve Days of Sonic Retro Christmas 2011 Edition: Day 1

On the first day of Christmas, Retro gave to me…

…yes, I’m doing this again. But really, why not? Last year I stumbled into the whole thing and didn’t do all twelve days. And yes, I am quite aware that the real “12 Days of Christmas” actually start on the 25th and continue on. But let’s be honest here. Who actually wants to read about Christmas-related anything after the 25th? I know I don’t. At that point, all you really want to do is try and survive until New Years. So with that said…oh wait, what is Retro giving you? I mean, Sega’s giving you Sonic CD. That’s gonna be way more awesome than anything we can throw out. Or can it?!

…no, Sonic CD is definitely way more awesome.

To be honest, I have no idea who Yoshi1up is, but back for Christmas 2008, he decided to come up with a little animation for Newgrounds called “Sonic: Christmas Greeting.” So what better way to kick off twelve days of nonsense and merriment than to throw up something that has Miles “Tails” Prower go absolutely mental?

…so here we go. 12 days of this. I promise some of these will be way longer.

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On The Twelfth Day Of Christmas, Retro Gave To Me…

So this is Christmas. In reality, it’s not all that different from other Christmases. There’s snow outside, a fire inside, gifts under the tree…well, unless you don’t celebrate Christmas and find it all just one big consumer monstrosity. But that’s ok, because hiding under all those layers of consumerism is the true spirit of Christmas, full of good will towards men and happiness to all. And really, when we were young, fruitful, and full of spirit, what was it under the Christmas tree that brought so much joy to our youth? Why of course. Sonic the Hedgehog!
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On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas, Retro Gave To Me…

…some more nonsense about Sonic the Comic.

I probably don’t need to remind anyone about part one of this article, as it’s still on the front page and you can just glance at it. But heck, here’s a link anyway if you stumble across this sometime next September. Now, let’s continue on! For when we last left our heroes, Sonic the Hedgehog was stranded in The Special Zone, the Chaotix were being ineffectual, and Dr. Robotnik…oh right, we didn’t get to that.
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On The Tenth Day Of Christmas, Retro Gave To Me…

…some Fleetway Christmas reviews.

For the uninitiated, Sonic the Comic was a comic book series published by Fleetway (and later Egmont Fleetway) which detailed the adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog in a form far different than its counterpart in America, Archie Comics. While the latter used the setting of the Saturday morning series, the U.K.-based comic opted instead for the “official” story the west used at the time – that Dr. Robotnik was once kind Dr. Ovi Kintobor, who turned into the evil doctor because of an accident involving the Chaos Emeralds and a hard boiled egg. Hey, it was the early 90’s…that was a perfectly normal comic, who were we to question? Sure, we had no idea the storyline in the Japanese games was completely different, but…

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On The Ninth Day Of Christmas, Retro Gave To Me…

…British men playing Sonic on the telly.

Though us “crazy Americans” had a show or two about video games in the 90’s that never went anywhere, our fellow Sonic fans “across the pond” were lucky that they got numerous shows that lasted for numerous “series.” (see guys they don’t call a years’ worth a “season.” Sure that maybe one of you learned something today!)

The granddaddy of them all was a little show called Gamesmaster, which was half review show, half video game competition, and altogether awesome. And a little freaky (there’s this floating head you see oh god what is that).

For it’s sixth series’ Christmas special, the producers decided to have a “Christmas quiz show” and…well, take a look for yourself:

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On The Eighth Day Of Christmas, Retro Gave To Me…

…a video Google helped me make.

Just remember: it’s meant to be funny. A “gentle ribbing,” if you will. If you don’t find it funny, don’t immediately think that it is an attack on your favorite hedgehog/developer. This is still Sonic Retro, for all that’s worth. We’re supposed to be a lot more blatant when we insult people!

At lest it fulfills the “physics” requirement of Retro!

…that wasn’t very long at all. We’re going to need some bonus material up in here.

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