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Sonic Retro Marathon

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Tune In To Our Marathon at 1PM Today!

Vast corners of the Internet, are you ready?

Starting in just an hour at 1 PM EDT/5PM GMT, you can tune in to watch 12 hours of every Sonic game imaginable streamed for your pleasure with your donations to help keep us as the biggest hub for all your Sonic needs, second only to Sega, going strong. Not to mention driving the poor sap streamer into insanity with whatever stipulation you can imagine.

We’re starting a little later than previously announced because of Halloween party shenanigans, but you’ll still get half a day of watching someone’s slow and painful descent into the darkest recesses of the Sonic series. Hint hint.

Then… for the tens in attendance. For the hundreds watching at home… leeeeet’s get ready to SPEED BREAK!