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Sonic Dash, Sonic Jump Are Mobile Blockbusters


For those that doubted the power mobile platforms can have, Hardlight Studios has a bone to pick with you. Speaking with Joystiq, Chief Technical Officer Chris Southall is proud at the pace both Sonic Jump and Sonic Dash are downloaded and played daily.

According to Southall, Jump, which is a paid download, is currently at 8 million downloads while the speedy Dash, a free-to-play title, is currently zooming at 20 million downloads, with 1 million “Dash-ers” actively playing the game daily and an additional average of over 100,000 users adding the game to their devices for the first time.

“You can just see that Sonic is such a big IP; we haven’t actually done any advertising or user acquisition yet on Sonic Dash,” Southall said. “We’re doing updates through the year, we’re going to to keep doing that, and using the learning we’ve gained as a studio. And [we’re going to] start to actually advertise the game and push it more. So hopefully where we are now with Sonic Dash is kind of the beginning rather than the end.”

He finally teases that Hardlight Studios has already signed off on its next game, which will be using “a big SEGA IP” that isn’t Sonic. An open beta for the game is currently slated for early 2014.

Now more than ever will I repeat this: “Chao Game, F2P, mobile platforms. You’re welcome, Sega.”

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Sonic Jump Now Free on iOS Until Tomorrow

A week after Sonic Jump got released for Android devices, the iOS version of the game has suddenly become free. If this is just a one-day deal or a permanent price drop is unknown, but seeing how this sort of deal happens often with iOS games it’s most likely the former. So if you have an iPhone or iPad and like free stuff, you might want to go get it.

You can grab Sonic Jump here. Note that all the things in the in-game store do still cost money. The game still costs two bucks for Android users, so if you’re one and are willing to pay money for it you can go buy it here.

[Via Wario64 on Twitter]

Update: Turns out this is part of the 12 Days of Christmas promotion on the App Store, meaning that it’s only free until tomorrow, January 1st.


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Monday Links: Jumping Christmas Eve Edition

Unless you’re like my family, you’re probably going to be off celebrating the holidays with your loved ones or at the very least unwrapping presents and doing your best Nintendo 64 kid impression of sorts over that Wii U where you’ll spend countless hours playing System Update. No matter who you are or what religion you may be, we’ve got a handful of things that might interest you this fine Monday.

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Sonic Jump finally lands on Android [Google Play]
  • Unlike the last Steam sale, Sonic Adventure 2 is now on sale for half off. [Sonic Adventure 2 on Steam]
  • Also on Steam there’s this Sonic franchise sale on Steam as well that compiles all the Sonic games together. [Steam Sonic Franchise Sale]
  • Pix N Love’s History of Sonic can be found in comic book stores right now. [Udon Entertainment]
  • You should also look into this Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 1 from the fine folks at Hardcore Gaming 101. [HG101]
Sonic Retro News
  • Don’t forget about Overlord’s review of the Fleetway comics. [How Fleetway Played the Games Part 5]
  • Same goes for David the Lurker’s overview on the Archie comics and KEN PENDERS. [Mobius 25 Years Later Part 6]
  • Another Christmas With Sonic is still on it’s way, hopefully by Friday. [Christmas with Sonic]
  • I’m kind of lazy when it comes to converting the material to Youtube, but we’ve got most of our streams archived on TwitchTV in the meantime. [TwitchTV]
  • A long time ago when I made this article, the person who made those videos also went a did a Youtube series comparing several games and letting the people decide which is the best. They also provide insight on the culture behind each game along with some very useful gameplay tips.  [Versus Battlecast]

Other Stuff

Or you could watch some Power Stone anime…

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Sonic Jump High Flier Update Now Available

The first update for Sonic Jump is now available on iTunes for free. This update adds Blue Sky Zone, which includes 12 new story levels and one new endless arcade level. The gimmick of this zone is that you can bounce off balloons, Batbots and Spinners appear as enemies in the stage. Another addition is Amy as a playable character along with new abilities.

Also added is something called Global Challenge, in this players need to work together by getting as high as possible to get to the moon and unlock a new playable character.

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New Sonic Jump Coming to Mobile Devices Soon!

The title of this post is literally all the information SEGA put out about this new game. It’s probably coming to iOS and Android devices and is probably similar to that other mobile phone game called Sonic Jump. Maybe it will be powered by Nvidia Tegra, I dunno. Frankly, SEGA doesn’t seem to care enough about this game to actually release any info about it and neither would I. Here’s Gangnam Style mixed with Planet Wisp instead. (Also, Why you should never look for Sonic Gangnam videos)

[Source: SEGA Blog]