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Greatest AoStH Animation Cel of All Time Now For Sale

Occasionally, there’s more than the standard “SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 FOR GENESIS ~@SUPER RARE!@~” being sold on the international auction house that is eBay–for instance, right now there’s an ex-Sega employee selling a ton of official t-shirts, so if you ever wanted a Sega Frontline Marketing shirt, now’s your chance. However, what has appeared for sale today is quite possibly the greatest Sonic-related merchandise I have ever seen on the Internet: a frame of AoStH Robotnik. Naked.

Bidding as of this writing is at $10 USD. Go get it. You know you want it.

[Thanks to Flyboy Fox at the SSMB for pointing this out!]

Fan Works, Humor

Awesome Chaotix is…Well, Awesome.

Animator Egoraptor, known for his video game parodies, is pretty much concerned with all things awesome–so much so that he has a whole animated webseries about the intersection of games and awesomeness. You may remember Awesome the Hedgehog from 2006. Nearly five years later, Egoraptor has teamed up with voice actor Joshua Tomar to come back with Awesome Chaotix. It’s a definite step up in terms of animation from the last time you may have checked him out (not to mention it’s still pretty great), so you should take a look.

Awesome Chaotix at Newgrounds