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Generations Boss Trailer Challenges You To Bash Boss Butts

Over the last few months, we’ve seen glances of the bosses we’ll be facing in a few weeks when Sonic Generations launches. These include the likes of series rivals Metal Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog, as well as bigger bads Dr. Eggman (in a giant mecha) and the mildly perturbed water god, Perfect Chaos.

So leave it to Sega to rattle the hype hive one more time by showing off every single boss in the game in a new trailer, revealing the full new look for Perfect Chaos (now more armored than before) and the final mecha from Sonic Unleashed, the Egg Dragoon, now redone to suit the fact it’s not plunging into the core of the planet. In fact, the arena looks a little more like his intro video area.

And if that wasn’t enough, stick around until the end of the trailer…

(Special Thanks to forum member JaxTH for the tip!)

Game News

Hi-Res PC Shots of Sonic Generations, Plus Silver the Hedgehog’s Reveal

We are in the home stretch. Bar any delays, in less than a month you’ll be able to get your hands on Sonic Generations. The hype is huge, with trailer after trailer after trailer teasing every single aspect of the game. This is what Sonic fan’s live for. And with the “finally-decided-to-tell-us” reveal of the game for the PC, Sega has let a few HD screenshots of that version be revealed, showing off such levels as Green Hill, Rooftop Run, and Seaside Hill.

Oh man, the cart came back!

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