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“Sonic Central” Announces A Slew Of Sonic

Hey, guess what? There’s Sonic news.

It’s no secret that people have been waiting to hear what’s next for Sonic the Hedgehog. We’ve had rumors, we’ve had wild speculation, but now we have something to actually talk about! As advertised, “Sonic Central” went live earlier today. Running for twelve minutes, the team over at Sega HQ were able to cram in all sorts of Sonic goodness, including some game announcements. So let’s just dive right in!

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Game News

SEGA “Goes Gold” To Let You Play The Best of The Genesis. Again.

In the vein of Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection and the Sega Genesis Classic Packs that have been released on Steam, SEGA has announced yet another Mega Drive-centric compilation. Entitled SEGA Genesis Classic Collection Gold Edition, 46 titles from SEGA’s golden age of gaming will be stitched together on one DVD for the PC. Among the list of games are expected fan favorites Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage, mixed with “why are they still trying to sell this” titles like the sub-par port of Virtua Fighter 2. Which isn’t even a port. Because a port would imply it shares some code with the original. Or plays like the original. Or is fun.

No word yet on if there are any secret games or creator interviews, but I think it’s a safe bet that the same unlockable content from the Xbox 360/PS3 compilation will show up again. Though I could be wrong. You know what would be nice? Some unlockable Master System games. Yes, the Ultimate Genesis Collection had two, but the system had more than Phantasy Star. How about the Alex Kidd games? Or Snail Maze? Or some Sega Satur-oh look Gunstar Heroes is in this!

So if you’re one of the three people left on the planet that hasn’t played Sonic the Hedgehog (and if so why are you reading this) then you may as well pick this up. We’ll all find out the complete contents when the game is released March 15th.

[Source: SEGA America Blog]