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NYCC 11: Sonic Generations 3DS Has Modern Mushroom Hill Mix, Rumored Delay

Since our last look at the Nintendo 3DS version at the Tokyo Game Show in September, one of the concerns was if Modern Sonic’s Mushroom Hill Zone was going to get a proper remix instead of a straight recycle of the original stage music. The build shown at New York City Comic Con over the weekend can now dismiss those fears. Sounds a bit like the FM Synth version of the song from Sonic and Knuckles Collection on the PC with a rock guitar backing, because that’s how Modern Sonic rolls… or boosts.

The video, provided by Nintendo World Report, also includes more looks at Classic Mushroom Hill, Green Hill Zone, and the Big Arm boss battle from Sonic 3. With Classic Sonic’s Mushroom Hill, anyone feel the last checkpoint in the stage is kind of useless without the Lumberjack mid boss?

However, not all is good news for the 3DS version. Games Radar is reporting that the 3DS version may need to slow down, being apparently pushed back into early next year instead of releasing alongside its PS3/360/PC big brother. It’s unknown if the delay is actually due to polishing up the 3DS version more or to see how Nintendo’s handheld fairs with consumers this Holiday season.

We’ll keep you posted as more on the 3DS version comes in. Thanks to commenter Aerobian-Angel for the tip on the video!

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Some Brief Details For Sonic Generations 3DS Revealed

After the last unexpected reveal for what is hiding out in Sonic Generations for the 3DS, it isn’t hard to believe that maybe some people might be slightly more interested in what is contained in the DIMPS-produced companion to the main event taking place on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Even though not much new has been revealed, Nintendo’s official U.K. site has gone into some more detail, including offering a handful of new screenshots for the Casino Night Zone meant to represent Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

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