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Post-Sonic Boom Update: Media Soon!

You may have noticed your Sonic Retro Boom Crew has been a bit quiet with poor David stepping up and keeping this place from being a waste. We love you and you’re awesome.

Well, we weren’t strangers at Sonic Boom. To those who went, you may have seen us. We were that small group near the cupcakes and the 3D Generations station not wearing those Sonic hats. Some of you stopped by to say hi because you somehow know how Scarred Sun looks like or you wanted to chew out Slingerland before realizing he’s a behemoth of a man, and we thank you for all the kind words and support!

You’ll recognize me as that one dork in the brown overshirt with a blue shirt, a DSLR and the huge red backpack stuffed with eight Sonic hats flitting around the floor taking photos and talking to whatever Sega people showed up.

Now, most of of us are heading home today, so things are going to be a teeny bit slow on Boom content, but rest assured, we got tons of photos, video, and maybe some more goodies lined up for you as the weekend rolls on by.

Again, thanks to everyone who stopped on by us!