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12 Days of Sonic Retro Christmas 2011: Day 5

On the fifth day of Christmas, Retro gave to me…

…the Korean opening to Sonic Christmas Blast.

Now, I’m sure everyone here has seen the animated special Sonic Christmas Blast at least once in their life. Produced after Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and the Saturday morning series ended, it is most definitely a continuation of the first, although the pink version of Princess Sally shows up. Sure, she doesn’t talk, but she shows up!

Originally named An X-Tremely Sonic Christmas, it was retitled to match the Sonic game that was actually coming out in 1996. And to be honest, it’s worth watching just because of how insane it is. How often do you get to see Robotnik dressed up as Santa, anyway? The video above is the intro to the special, but as you’ve probably come to notice, it’s in Korean. And while we don’t have a translation just yet, the lyrics definitely are about Sonic the Hedgehog. And Christmas.

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