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Snowmageddon and Sonic: Best Winter Level?

Here at Sonic Retro World HQ, we’re in the middle of a blizzard, and I couldn’t help but think of the many winter-cliche levels that exist throughout the Sonic series, from Robotnik Winter Zone and Ice Cap to Cool Edge and White Acropolis. Heck, even some levels that don’t explicitly have a frost-season theme could probably benefit from the idea (someone’s going to need to refrigerate Sweet Mountain, after all.) Different levels over the years have tackled the concept in a variety of ways: slippery ice leading to skids, dangerous icicles falling everywhere, icy blasts which freeze Sonic, and even robotic snowmen (I don’t know what that’s all about, either.)

But what level is the King of Winter Levels? I’ve divided the majority of the series’ iterations of the idea into completely arbitrary divisions to determine what the best winter-themed environment. If you need to get up to speed with your winter themes, we have a nice compilation of the genre in our info section. Tomorrow, I’ll post the winners of each division for a final vote.

My apologies to all the diehard Sonic Drift 2 fans who wanted to vote for Ice Cap. Keep the dream alive, all three of you.

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Ice Cap remix is awesome and you should download it now.

Admittedly, Ice Cap Zone is one of video game music’s most re-arranged and remixed tracks out there—OCRemix released an entire album’s worth of Ice Cap remixes, for goodness’ sake. However, the saturation of fans’ takes on the song does not in any way dilute how amazingly awesome Ice Cold Retro is. Written by Joshua Morse, the remix was composed for Obligatory Ice Level Day at TheSpeedGamers and has a wonderful electro-funk flavor to it that feels both fresh and right at home in the Sonic canon of music.

Download it now at OCRemix. You won’t be disappointed.