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I almost called this article “Sonic redesign revealed”


Sonic Nendoroid Figure Looks Like a Mix of Both Generations












Today Good Smile Company announced a Sonic Nendoroid figure. If you don’t know what Nendoroids are, they are figures usually based on anime or manga characters (Sonic being an exception) made in a style with a huge head and small body. They are about 10 cm or 4 inch in height and are adjustable, meaning you can put them in various poses or give them different facial expressions.

The Sonic figure is based on the modern iteration, meaning it basicly looks like classic Sonic with green eyes (heh) and a thinner body. It comes with the item box, chaos emerald and checkpoint items shown in the pictures and will be released in April 2012 for ¥3,500, which is about $45 according to Google.

[Via Andriasang]