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Sneak Peek of Modern City Escape Music in Japanese Trailer

Over a week ago, we made available the full Classic version of City Escape’s stage music in Sonic Generations and the download ticker showed you all ate it up. Some even caught the Endless Mine reference within the auto-tuning (meaning yes, there was a point to the auto-tuning.)

Thanks to the Japanese trailer for City Escape, instead of the generic butt rock techno we got, we catch our first listen to the new modern remix of “Escape form the City”, featuring new vocals by series singers Tony Harnell and Ted Poley.

Opinion injection time: I don’t know about this one. I hope it’s just a studio draft because the vocals just sound like the singers are tired or have food in their mouths. There’s no strength in the guitars either. It just sounds passe and lackluster.

What do you guys think?

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“Escape From The City” – The A Capella Version

So it’s almost dusk in the United States, meaning fireworks are about to go off to celebrate a moment you British readers would rather forget about. Either way, more than likely some of you have enjoyed some sort of grilled entrée, and if so I hope if any hot dogs were involved you added chili. But that’s beside the point. Yes, everyone here is still waiting for Sonic Generations. Yes, everyone is waiting to play through City Escape so you can hear that classic remix that’s gotten everyone in a tizzy. However, since it’s a Monday most people are treating as a Sunday, why not listen to someone else’s rendition of Escape From The City? Specifically, the rendition by the 22-person strong Video Game Music Choir.

Yes, the video itself is blurry. But unless you really, really want to see that girl dressed as Zelda, the sound should suffice.


Got Places to Go? Put Classic City Escape on Your MP3 Player

We gave plugs to some of Sonic Boom’s debut music earlier, and one of the more requested songs so far has easily been the Classic Remix of “Escape from the City” that will be used in Sonic Generations without any of the audience voices.

We hear you loud and clear. While the recent dissection of the demo yielded its own musical results, Escape from the City was missing from the included files.

But Sonic Retro has its ways…

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Escape From The City Twice In One Day

Sonic Adventure 2 was the last Sonic game on a Sega system, the first to be ported to a Nintendo system, and what many consider the last great hurrah of the Sonic series. So it was no surprise when yesterday the first trailer for City Escape‘s inclusion in Sonic Generations came out. For those wondering how the level looks beyond the minute preview, once again Gamespot has come to your aid. Earlier today, the site’s live coverage of E3 showcased most of the level for both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic, the classic being a delightful romp that is able to prove that classic Sonic can work in environments we’re not used to, and skateboard the only way one should – extreme and in the 90’s.

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