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Retrocast Season 2 Episode 2 – The 3 E’s

We’re back with some hands-on discussion about Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania, directly from post-E3! Join David The Lurker, Cinossu, Bartman, Neo Hazard, Overlord, and InstantSonic in the discussion about what is considered the best chicken tenders you’ve never had! Playlist is after the jump!

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E3 Hands-On Impressions: Mario & Sonic, Generations, ASR for iPad

This week’s trip to Los Angeles was the first time I’ve been to the area for at least a decade, so I had quite a bit on my dream itinerary. Go to Sonic Boom? Of course. See Chimpo wear an obscene amount of hats? Duh. Play Samba de Amigo, Initial D and Lupin III: The Shooting while wandering around in the early morning? Admittedly not something I planned on, but still fun. However, there were still things I never got around to: going to a Trader Joe’s, seeing Krunk Fu Battle Battle, visiting MOCA. However…

I did go to E3, so I guess that pretty much evens things out. While I was there, I stopped by Sega’s booth to check out their entire Sonic lineup: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Sonic Generations and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing for the iPad. Details on each are under the cut.

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Sonic Boom 2011: Sonic Generations Playthroughs

Classic Sonic Mobile friendly

Clearly the biggest draw of the event was the ability to play a demo of Sonic Generations at Sonic Boom. At least 20 stations were set up across the venue for fans to take a crack at the tale of two hedgehogs.

Here we have yours truly going through both the classic and modern versions of Green Hill Zone. Being my first time running through the game at all (no fibs here), they’re not the most stylish, but they should address whatever concerns people have with the physics, or raise more. Who knows!

Modern Sonic Mobile Friendly

Sega announced that the demo was making its way to PS3 and 360 soon, meaning those who didn’t attend will get their hands on them soon enough.

Like what you see or want someone dead? Comments and trash talk about how much I suck are down below for your pleasure. And yes, the DJ was terrible. Feel free to mute the audio.

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Sonic Generations 3DS Videos: See and Hear The Magic

So E3 is over, everyone’s packed up and gone home and sorted through their swag and figured out what to sell for exuberant prices on eBay. But in the explosion that was City Escape on the console version of Sonic Generations, as well as the fangasm that was Sonic Boom, it was easy to look over the other version of Generations coming our way, the version exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. Luckily, gaming site Nintendo World Report recorded the entire experience, including a direct feed of the audio. So if you’re curious to see how the Green Hill Zone sounds in the palm of your hand, then don’t stop yourself. Watch the video below:

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Listen to Crush 40 and Alex Maklouhf’s Covers of Super Sonic Racing, Sonic Boom

Over at Sonic Boom, a small concert was thrown for the club’s goers by none other than Crush 40’s Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli, singing songs like Open Your Heart, His World, In The Wind, and Live and Learn to name a few. However, Alex Maklouhf from Cash Cash joined them on stage to also perform Sonic Colors’ Credits Theme, Speak With Your Heart.

So imagine some people’s reactions when they all got together and did new versions of Sonic R’s Super Sonic Racing and Sonic CD’s Sonic Boom, which were apparently one time performances for Sonic Boom attendees. Well, we got you covered.

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Post-Sonic Boom Update: Media Soon!

You may have noticed your Sonic Retro Boom Crew has been a bit quiet with poor David stepping up and keeping this place from being a waste. We love you and you’re awesome.

Well, we weren’t strangers at Sonic Boom. To those who went, you may have seen us. We were that small group near the cupcakes and the 3D Generations station not wearing those Sonic hats. Some of you stopped by to say hi because you somehow know how Scarred Sun looks like or you wanted to chew out Slingerland before realizing he’s a behemoth of a man, and we thank you for all the kind words and support!

You’ll recognize me as that one dork in the brown overshirt with a blue shirt, a DSLR and the huge red backpack stuffed with eight Sonic hats flitting around the floor taking photos and talking to whatever Sega people showed up.

Now, most of of us are heading home today, so things are going to be a teeny bit slow on Boom content, but rest assured, we got tons of photos, video, and maybe some more goodies lined up for you as the weekend rolls on by.

Again, thanks to everyone who stopped on by us!

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Escape From The City Twice In One Day

Sonic Adventure 2 was the last Sonic game on a Sega system, the first to be ported to a Nintendo system, and what many consider the last great hurrah of the Sonic series. So it was no surprise when yesterday the first trailer for City Escape‘s inclusion in Sonic Generations came out. For those wondering how the level looks beyond the minute preview, once again Gamespot has come to your aid. Earlier today, the site’s live coverage of E3 showcased most of the level for both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic, the classic being a delightful romp that is able to prove that classic Sonic can work in environments we’re not used to, and skateboard the only way one should – extreme and in the 90’s.

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A Quick Tour of the Sega Booth at E3

Wish you were at E3? Of course you do. That’s why you’re on the Internet right now, browsing every site possible and trying to get the latest info on every game you ever wanted (but were afraid to ask for). But even if you learn everything, it’s not the same as actually being on the show floor, seeing everyone trying to sell their games and tell you why it’s going to be the greatest thing ever. The veritable website Gamespot knows this, and has set one of their many visual hosts to stroll about Sega’s booth at the expo, showing off not only their Sonic-related content including Sonic Generations but also a handful of upcoming titles which are being published by Sega (they do make other games, in case you’ve forgotten) including Guardian Heroes and Renegade Ops. Aside from getting a brief glimpse of the Generations set-up, we get to enjoy Homer Rabara frightening a young PR woman with his microphone, watch a man in 3D glasses for far too long and in the final moments get a visit from everyone’s favorite brand manager of the past. Yes, Ken Balough’s bright shining face appears, even if he’s talking about Guardian Heroes and not Sonic the Hedgehog. And no, your ears are not deceiving you. The host accidentally calls Ken “Ben.”

Wait, who frames copies of the Archie comic?

[Source: Gamespot]

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Rumor Mill: New Sonic Game To Be Announced in Nintendo Power

As Sonic’s 20th Anniversary year chugs on, Sega has shown three titles for the franchise in a tease of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2, the duel of mascots thrice over in Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games and an assault of media for the upcoming PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Sonic Generations.

And yet, it seems that aside from a downloadable game and a collection of mini-games that Wii and 3DS owners are hardly getting any love in the form of a substantial Sonic platformer.

That may all be changing as next month’s Nintendo Power magazine includes a rather substantial teaser for the celebration of Sonic’s 20th Anniversary, featuring an edited version of teaser art for Sonic Generations. Could it mean that Sonic Generations is headed to a Nintendo console?

At the moment, it’s unlikely, but considering that Nintendo’s Project Cafe is set to be demonstrated at next month’s E3, and one of its rumored bits of design allows developers to easily port games from Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it’s certainly a possibility.

Or it could even be a brand new title. This would go against what Sega of America Vice President of Sales and Marketing Alan Pritchard said in an interview with GameInformer last year stating that the company only had three new titles lined up for the franchise, as we already have three titles for the most part announced.

After the warm reception Sonic Colors got on both the Wii and DS in sales, a Sonic title for any of the console giant’s trinity is all but confirmed.