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c|net Previews Sonic Generations in Style, Seasides and Sanctuaries Abound

With half a month before the release of Sonic Generations, the embargo of information is slowly being lifted, with more and more footage popping through every nook and cranny, ready to satisfy the masses unable to contain their excitement for the game. Straight from the people of c|net and their video series preGame, one of the clearest full-length previews of the game so far comes almost live, hosted by none other than Sega of America’s Aaron Webber. To watch the video straight from the source, click here. Otherwise, take a gander at the YouTube mirror below. Either way, just be sure to know that there are plenty of spoilers inside, with more than one level featuring a full playthrough.

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Generations Boss Trailer Challenges You To Bash Boss Butts

Over the last few months, we’ve seen glances of the bosses we’ll be facing in a few weeks when Sonic Generations launches. These include the likes of series rivals Metal Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog, as well as bigger bads Dr. Eggman (in a giant mecha) and the mildly perturbed water god, Perfect Chaos.

So leave it to Sega to rattle the hype hive one more time by showing off every single boss in the game in a new trailer, revealing the full new look for Perfect Chaos (now more armored than before) and the final mecha from Sonic Unleashed, the Egg Dragoon, now redone to suit the fact it’s not plunging into the core of the planet. In fact, the arena looks a little more like his intro video area.

And if that wasn’t enough, stick around until the end of the trailer…

(Special Thanks to forum member JaxTH for the tip!)

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Planet Wisp, Two Boss Fights Leaked on Xbox Live

Someone flipped the switch a little too soon again.

Some users are reporting quite a few new shots of Sonic Generations appearing on Xbox Live that probably shouldn’t have gone live yet. Yet others are reporting seeing the usual shots of Green Hill Zone. Either way, you all win. Aside from the above of Modern Sonic death racing Shadow on an unknown stage–the ARK?–echoing Classic Sonic death racing Metal Sonic, we also get to see the Death Egg Robot fight Classic Sonic will take part in, showing a newer spin on the boss.

Planet Wisp is also shown, looking just a tad crisper than how it appeared in last year’s Wii title Sonic Colours and a shot of Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic interacting in the timeless “mirrored reflection” pantomime.