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Sonic Hacking Contest 2016 Announced

It would be an uneventful year without the time honored tradition of the hacking contest. Despite the delays and complications the Sonic Hacking Contest got 2016’s back for another round of ROM hacks and more! For the time being, there are no entries being accepted as the website will be up later.
You can get your submission ready by viewing the rules here on our forums courtesy of hacking contest judge Spanner. Deadline is Sunday 9th October 2016, so there’s plenty of time before the contest begins. Watch this space or check with the forums when the website goes live.
Remember that you can submit more than just ROM hacks as there are entries for mods as well. Will you make the ultimate mod to Sonic Lost World?
[Source: Sonic Hacking Contest 2016]

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Sonic Hacking Contest 2014 is Live

Sonic Hacking Contest 2014
Sonic Retro and Sonic Stuff Research Group team up once again to bring you the Sonic Hacking Contest 2014.  The competition for all ROM hacks, mods and more based on our favorite blue blur. Entries are now being accepted on the website and can be accessed by logging in with either a Retro or SSRG forum account. Our resident Cinossu breaks it down on our forums with whats new for this year.
“Like last year, everything is handled on-site and you can log in with your Sonic Retro forum account to get started. More information is on the site itself, including instructions on what to do, how to do it, etc.
The biggest addition this year is Teams, which can be set up from the new “Teams” section. They can be a mix of both Retro and SSRG members, and allow credit to be on all members of the team as well as allow any member to modify and set up entries for the whole team.
As always, enjoy. If any issues, bugs, etc. are found, just let us know either in here, the SSRG thread equivalent, or in the comments of the news post on the site itself.”
The deadline for entries is on July 31st, 2014. If you’re not interested in participating, you will eventually get to see the entries that are made publicly available, or look at entries from years prior. Head on over to the website itself for more information!
Ready, Set, Procrastinate!
[Source: Sonic Hacking Contest 2014 – Sonic Retro Forums]

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This Adorable Bunny Invites You to Guess the Next Digital Sega Release

With these Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks coming out, this little critter would like to invite you to guess the next digital release from Sega by listening to a choice song from a soundtrack of another prolific Sega franchise. You’ll get no hints from reading this, but if you watch the video, it will be more than enough for you to wonder/guess/predict/excite/all-of-the-above about Sega’s next release. Even though it’s well past Spring, this contest ends October 10th at 7PM PST, and you can read up on the rules from Sega’s US blog here.

I’nnt he cute?!

Retro Contests

The “Tony is a Lightweight” Memorial Cocktail Contest

“What do you mean, ‘no contest’? I could have been way more drunk if I knew there was a contest!”

Linkin Park & Shadow AMVs. Embarrassing fancharacters. Dealing with 12-year-olds who get angry with you for daring to not be blindingly positive.

Man, the Sonic fandom can really drive you to drinking at times.

Therefore, it was a wise decision on behalf of Sega to hold Sonic Boom in a venue with a bar, because lord knows it was needed. To the credit of Club Nokia, they tried to join in the festivities of the night with a house cocktail: Sonic Rocks. Made with blue curacao, vodka, lemon and Sprite, the drink was described by forum regular Ashura2k as tasting “like a Chaos Emerald.” Your guess on interpretation is as good as mine. However, I do know one thing: a drink made with those ingredients is going to be relatively weak. That’s why I’m betting that the Retro community can come up with an even better Sonic-related cocktail–so much so that we’re giving away a set of Sonic shot glasses to whoever can create the best drink.

Details and rules after the cut.

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Guess the Game: The Solution (and a Chance to Win!)

So, the more clever among you figured out the solution to yesterday’s post: all five posts are, indeed, from Sonic 3. So what’s the point, you say?

There has been a lot of handwringing among the community over the past few months about “the state of the fanbase”; how we’re all horrible people who have turned against each other and now are super! mean! bad! people! In fact, this is all because of Sonic 4 or Sonic Free Riders or because there was an abandonment of ~black eyes~! However, my point is this: there always was and always will be people who are angry or upset or dislike things amongst any group of people. They were around in 1990, 2000 and 2010. There are people who are going to try to take advantage of those things in order to make people even more upset. Some people relish in making others feel that the thing they enjoy as a hobby is lame; therefore, they expend all their energies on making people think they’re wasting their time.

That, of course, is a load of crap. Things have always been the way they are, but the only thing that matters is whether you’re enjoying yourself or not. The reason we at Retro stay around is because so much of making fun of things is not being afraid to make fun of yourself. Because we’re in a fandom that could spawn Shadow the Hedgehog 2 with Big and Froggy.

So, I’m proposing a contest: learn more about the fandom you’re a part of by reading some of its oldest posts, get a laugh and learn that it isn’t as bad as people freak out over. Some of the USENET quotes I posted were pretty great in “the more things change, the more they stay the same” sense, but there’s a ton of ironic posts, things which make no sense in a modern context, things which are creepy predictions of the future that came true. Submit your best pre-1997 Internet commentary concerning Sonic; we’ll take a look and our favorites will receive ~fabulous prizes~. Then again, it’ll be hard to follow up this gem in a 1990 post on

>Sonic, the Hedgehog, Action, SEGA
>[SEGA’s answer to Mario and Bonk]

Actually I think SEGA already has SEVERAL answers to Mario and Bonk…
and their names are Shinobi, Wonder Boy, Alex Kidd, and Space Harrier…

To find old posts, check out Google Groups or fire up your favorite newsgroup client. Other forms of early communication, such as the mailing list, are also fair game if you can track them down. The contest ends March 1, 2011, so be sure to have your entries submitted through the comments section by then.