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SEGA News Bits: Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition Announced – Reaction & Discussion

Hot on the heels of the announcement of a Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Barry and George share their excitement and opinions on the set in a new SEGA News Bits. What’s included? What’s not? Will fans in Europe be seeing it? These questions and more are discussed! The elephant in the room – that being the lack of a physical disc release – is also discussed. What are your thoughts on the  Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition? Which platform are you going for? Sound off in the comments below.
SEGA News Bits is a production of SEGAbits, covering all things SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog. When we touch on Sonic stories, you’ll be seeing them here on Sonic Retro as well. If you enjoyed this episode of the SEGA News Bits, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss an episode!

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UPDATED Sonic Mania Brings the Genesis Aesthetic with the Collector’s Edition for North America

UPDATED (9/14/2016) Pre-orders are now available through GameStop.
GameStop [PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC]
SEGA continues enticing us with the release of Sonic Mania by announcing a collector’s edition with a statue base of Sonic standing atop a Genesis (With an actual power switch that will yell SEGA!! at you,) a Genesis cartridge cast with a golden ring as well as the download code on a metal card. Priced at $69.99 these sets will release for all announced platforms for it’s spring 2017 release. While the Sonic social media accounts point to the official Sonic website for a pre-order page, at the time of this writing the website does not appear to be working and is instead directing everyone to Amazon to get their orders in.
Amazon [PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC]
I’m a little surprised that the system isn’t replicating a SEGA Saturn, but let’s face it, with the game’s history being reflected on the Genesis (Without a SEGA CD or 32X mushroom head attachment, mind) it’s more than appropriate. Of course for some of you reading this, you may be wondering about a European release, and according to several sources it has been confirmed that there is no plan to do so. Strange, especially after the collector’s set for Sonic Generations was Europe only, it’s an odd move on their part. Nintendo fans are potentially equally bitter as not even the game itself is coming to any of their platforms.
It’s unsure when these sets will sell out, but there is still plenty of time before it’s release in Spring of 2017.

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More Information on the Collector’s Edition of The History of Sonic


No doubt a number of you are shocked/surprised/disappointed/satisfied that Pix’N Love have recently announced the collector’s edition of “The History of Sonic the Hedgehog.” Not only is it being presented at an attractive price point, only 1,000 of these are being made and distributed solely from Pix’N Love’s site. With this surprising news, it definitely warranted additional information about it. We reached out to their support e-mail who kindly shed some light on this release. This book turned out to be one of the biggest projects to date for the French based publisher. You can check out their response after the jump.

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Watch a French Man Look At Sonic Generations’ Collectors Edition

It is near the stroke of midnight on the east coast of the United States of America. Unless you happened to live in Austin, Texas, the moment is now here. Sonic Generations will be live before you know it. Every reimagined level, each remixed track are waiting for your gaming pleasure. Sure, if you live Europe you have a bit longer to wait…well, unless you happen to live in France. Which is apparently the Best Buy of Europe.

The below video has spoilers only if you don’t want to know track listings and see inside books of art. And yes, it is in French, so if you are morally against such things, be sure to hit the mute button.

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Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition Announced – Europe, Australia Exacts Its Revenge On America

This announcement isn’t exactly out of the blue, what with the rumors of a collector’s edition for Sonic Generations floating out there for quite a while. There have been listings in various gaming retailers, but some thought it might be nothing more than the Casino Night DLC packaged from the get-go. For those who were fearing the worst, they have been more than pleasantly surprised to find that isn’t the case at all. Not since Sonic Adventure 2 has a Sonic the Hedgehog title received the royal treatment, and as many consider this game a return to form, can we blame Sega for being excited and doing this? Not at all!

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