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“Dreamcast Era” Trailer for Sonic Generations Now Online, Speed Highway Operational Once More

Earlier today, gaming website IGN posted online the latest trailer for Sonic Generations, and game that is now only a little more than a month away. Styled in a similar manner to the “Classic Era” trailer uploaded earlier this month, the hallmark Dreamcast titles Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 and the multi-platform like-it-or-hate-it Sonic Heroes are showcased for those who first fell in love with the hedgehog in the land of three dimensions. And what music accompanies this trailer?

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Sonic Generations 28 Minute Preview Uploaded, Blue and Cool As Ever

Disappearing as quickly as it arrived, German gaming site posted up a video I’m guessing they weren’t supposed to – a 28 minute playthrough of the upcoming Sonic Generations, coming across the globe in the early days of November, 2011. Featuring Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Sky Sanctuary, and City Escape, the video also includes extensive footage of the hub world and the glorious Metal Sonic boss fight. Sure, everything they are saying is in German, and it was taken down probably because of an embargo (which means this video here might disappear later on), but in the words of Retro admin Cinossu, “boy is it a lovely 28 minutes.”

Although it should be obvious, this video is chock-full of spoilers. So if you want to stay completely in the dark, you’ll want to avoid the video and everything else below.

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German GamePro Video Gives Looks At Chemical Plant, Sky Sanctuary

With a supposed embargo on Generations information lifting today, we have the first trickle of information in the form of a three and a half minute video from German site GamePro showcasing some of the currently known stages from the console version of the game.

Those worried about Sky Sanctuary lacking the signature elements of the original stage, like bubbly bouncing clouds and the ominous launch of Death Egg through the clouds can breathe a sigh of relief. Although still a different take from the original stage with a more heavenly tropical feel, the soul of the original Sky Sanctuary is still there as Sonic bounds on the clouds. Check out all those alternate paths in the Classic version of the stage!

The video also features looks at Green Hill, Chemical Plant and City Escape. Green Hill now features collectible red rings, Omochao hint bubbles, and additional prompts on screen when Modern Sonic is performing tricks. We also get a view of the Chemical Plant “hub world”, featuring Modern Amy.

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Gamescom 2011 Superpost: Sonic Generations, Mario and Sonic 2012

Of course we didn’t forget about Gamescom currently going on in Germany, sporting new demos for all three versions of Sonic Generations as well as a new demo for Mario and Sonic’s latest (friendly) battle to the death.

Courtesy of forum member TimmiT, we have a few more details about changes in the games along with extra gameplay videos including a full run of Modern Sonic’s City Escape. With all the tasty morsels of media beginning to spill, we advise not watching the videos if you want to keep the gameplay unspoiled.

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First Gameplay Footage of Chemical Plant, City Escape

You waited patiently enough and, as is the nature of online games reporting, it’s just not good enough to wait until the game is out to absorb every detail of it. So, to feed your insatiable hunger for all things Sonic Generations, we bring you this video courtesy of German website Gameswelt.

Thanks to a tip from forum member TimmiT, we get our first look (and listen!) to both the classic and modern version of Chemical Plant and City Escape. Let me tell you, Chemical Plant has never looked better–or worse, if you approach it from a pollution-generating plant. The modern version, which looks to be Chemical Plant in the middle of a critical meltdown, has quite a few references to Sonic Unleashed‘s Eggmanland in look.

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Sneak Peek of Modern City Escape Music in Japanese Trailer

Over a week ago, we made available the full Classic version of City Escape’s stage music in Sonic Generations and the download ticker showed you all ate it up. Some even caught the Endless Mine reference within the auto-tuning (meaning yes, there was a point to the auto-tuning.)

Thanks to the Japanese trailer for City Escape, instead of the generic butt rock techno we got, we catch our first listen to the new modern remix of “Escape form the City”, featuring new vocals by series singers Tony Harnell and Ted Poley.

Opinion injection time: I don’t know about this one. I hope it’s just a studio draft because the vocals just sound like the singers are tired or have food in their mouths. There’s no strength in the guitars either. It just sounds passe and lackluster.

What do you guys think?


Got Places to Go? Put Classic City Escape on Your MP3 Player

We gave plugs to some of Sonic Boom’s debut music earlier, and one of the more requested songs so far has easily been the Classic Remix of “Escape from the City” that will be used in Sonic Generations without any of the audience voices.

We hear you loud and clear. While the recent dissection of the demo yielded its own musical results, Escape from the City was missing from the included files.

But Sonic Retro has its ways…

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Escape From The City Twice In One Day

Sonic Adventure 2 was the last Sonic game on a Sega system, the first to be ported to a Nintendo system, and what many consider the last great hurrah of the Sonic series. So it was no surprise when yesterday the first trailer for City Escape‘s inclusion in Sonic Generations came out. For those wondering how the level looks beyond the minute preview, once again Gamespot has come to your aid. Earlier today, the site’s live coverage of E3 showcased most of the level for both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic, the classic being a delightful romp that is able to prove that classic Sonic can work in environments we’re not used to, and skateboard the only way one should – extreme and in the 90’s.

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Easter Eggs Litter The Streets of Sonic Generations’ City Escape

Several eagle-eyed fans watching the new trailer for the console version of Sonic Generations managed to catch a ton of little references to characters and other materials from the series. Turns out there’s quite a few of them and then some… and that’s just on this stage, with plenty of other nods in bound.

At least, that’s what ArchangelUK over at Sonic Wrecks says. He would know: some of these easter eggs were his suggestions from when he worked as community relations for the Sonic City Blognik. Go over there and give it a read, if you want. For the rest of you who just want pictures, just look down!

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