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Casinos Are Back in Sonic Lost World


If you were disappointed that Casino Night’s remake in Sonic Generations was nothing more than a downloadable pinball table, you’ll be pleased to see that Sonic Lost World will have a very similar looking zone. Yesterday a bunch of screenshots showing it were put on The Sonic Stadium’s Facebook page by an user named Leo Dz.

There are also screenshots of other new acts of zones we had already seen, including a stage featuring an owl with spotlight eyes. Also some cactus things with faces. These can be seen below, this post will be updated when higher quality screens are available.

Update: The screenshots can now be viewed in 1080p, more screens have also been added. Click on that “read more” button there to see them.

[Via The Sonic Stadium]
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Some Brief Details For Sonic Generations 3DS Revealed

After the last unexpected reveal for what is hiding out in Sonic Generations for the 3DS, it isn’t hard to believe that maybe some people might be slightly more interested in what is contained in the DIMPS-produced companion to the main event taking place on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Even though not much new has been revealed, Nintendo’s official U.K. site has gone into some more detail, including offering a handful of new screenshots for the Casino Night Zone meant to represent Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

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Gamestop Wants You, And They’ll Give You “Casino Night”

So you’re busy playing Sonic Generations. You’ve only got twenty days before your demo runs out and you have to go back in time to today to play it all over again. But if you don’t put down that controller, you’re going to miss the other hidden hedgehog secrets that have been sneaking out. Gamestop, the game superstore that’s in nearly every mall in America, has put up yet another of their pre-order incentives, this time for Generations. And what is it? Why, Casino Night Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Though an earlier interview in Nintendo Power made it seem like the level was to be a 3DS exclusive, Gamestop has let the cat out of the bag, those willing to secure their order through the gaming emporium getting the level. Does this mean they get to play it early through some demo trickery? Does it mean the level is free DLC for players who buy the game through them? More then likely the latter, but if so that opens up a whole other can of worms, meaning that Xbox Live account you used to play through the Green Hill today could get you more then you were expecting. Who doesn’t love more Sonic? Well, more good Sonic, that is. Why, the possibilities are practically…not endless, but twenty years worth

Either way, the level looks to be quite enticing in the looks department. You even get “Miles” in big glowing letters, how can you not love that?