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SA3 Rumors Officially Addressed by SEGA of Antarctica

Are you the type of Sonic fan who wants SA3 more than anything? Are you one of the people who believe it will single-handedly save the Sonic franchise? Do you clamor for any sign from above that it will fall straight from the heavens into your console? 

If so, your faith in SA3 may be at an all-time high in recent weeks. Takashi Iizuka’s positive reaction to the SA3 chants at Sonic Boom rekindled that fire in your heart. SA3 web domains registered a couple of weeks ago made you all the more hopeful. Even though they weren’t registered by SEGA themselves, you refused to believe that you had come so close yet so far.

In your mind, you will get your SA3 at any cost.

Today, SEGA of Antarctica’s Ben Kalough came forward and addressed the recent events regarding SA3, and even released a trailer that is sure to put to rest anymore rumors.

SA3 hopefuls, be careful what you wish for.

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