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Capcom, SEGA and Bandai Namco Crossover Game for 3DS Announced

Announced at the Nintendo Direct live stream earlier today, a crossover game for the Nintendo 3DS between Capcom, Sega and Bandai Namco is in development. The last of these three is also doing the publishing and one of their developers, Banpresto, best known for the Super Robot Wars franchise, is making the title.

That’s all that there’s known at the moment. Any details like what franchises appear in the game or if the game will even hit stores outside Japan still need to be announced. You can visit the teaser site here, but there’s not much there to discover besides the company logos. Still, whatever this is may be worth keeping an eye on.

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Ken Balough Hints Sonic 4: Episode II Teasers IncomingKen Balough Consejos de Sonic 4: Episode II Enigmas Entrante

Never one from backing away talking up the fanbase, Sega’s own Sonic Digital Brand Manager Ken Balough has been busy chatting with the folks over on Sega’s Sonic forums. Usually, this isn’t enough to draw enough attention–after all, if it was the case, we’d be writing up every time Sega’s own Aaron “Ruby Eclipse” Webber shows up on here in his quest to be the Fastest Sega Employee on Sonic Generations speed runs.

But when Sonic 4: Episode II teases begin to fly, you can bet people will be listening.

Nunca uno de retroceder hablando con los fans, Sega’s Sonic Digital Brand Manager Ken Balough ha estado muy ocupado hablando con la gente más en los foros de Sonic de Sega. Por lo general, esto no es suficiente para llamar la atención suficiente – si fuera el caso, estaríamos escribiendo cada vez que Sega’s Aaron “Ruby Eclipse” Webber se muestra aquí en su búsqueda para ser el más rápido empleado de Sega en los ‘speedruns’ de Sonic Generations.

Sin embargo, cuando palabra de Sonic 4: Episode II comenza a volar, usted puede apostar la gente estará escuchando.

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Sega of Japan Dropping Big Announcement on June 23

What’s this? Something about Sonic Generations that’s not a rumor? It’s an announcement of an announcement, but we’ll take it anyway.

By way of Spanish-site Sonic Paradise, the official Japanese site Sonic Channel has posted that there will be a massive information dump on the site about Sonic Generations. But that’s not all.

If the prospect of even more Sonic Generations videos and photos isn’t enough, Sega is teasing an extra special secret surprise to be released with all that information. It’s unknown if it’s another Sonic game announcement, a release date for the demo, or even confirmation of Generations popping up on some sort of Nintendo console.

Watch and wait as always, but when Sega drops the bomb, we’ll definitely bring the fallout to you.