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Sonic Megamix Still In DevelopmentSonic Megamix Sigue Estando En Desarrollo

In light of speculation that the popular Rom Hack Sonic Megamix might be cancelled due to recent events, the head of Team Megamix, Stealth, has opened a new thread for discussion on the game, and made a statement in regards to its progress.

Ha habido ciertos rumores y especulaciones sobre el popular rom hack Sonic Megamix de que supuestamente iba a ser cancelado por causas ocurridas en eventos recientes, el líder de Team Megamix, Stealth, ha abierto un nuevo hilo de discusión sobre el juego, y ha notificado una declaración acerca de su progreso.

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Sonic Free Riders Single Player Review

This review has actually been a long time coming and I apologize for that.  The reason was simply being unable to try out the VS. modes.  Because of that, I’ve simply decided to make this a two-part affair.  Anywho, hit the jump to learn all about the single player mode of the third (and final?) Sonic Riders title!


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Sonic Adventure XBLA Review

The date was 9/9/99.  After a five year drought, gamers were finally able to experience a new Sonic platformer, unlike any other Sonic game before hand.  Much like the side title Sonic R, this game, Sonic Adventure, was in full glorious 3D.  However, it was a much more grand adventure, and went on to become the best selling game throughout the Dreamcast’s tragically short run.  Now, over ten years later, gamers are invited to take a trip down memory lane (with my personal trip being courteously funded by the good folk at SEGA), and relieve those glory days all over again…

Sonic Adventure (XBLA/PSN)

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