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Sonic 3D Blast Music Demos Uploaded to YouTube

Back in 2017, Traveller’s Tales co-founder Jon Burton created the YouTube channel GameHut, a behind the scenes look at his time as a video game developer. From Puggsy to Lego Star Wars, Jon has dived into the history and development of the games that has made Traveller’s Tales a household name.

For Sonic fans, the channel has been of particular interest, as TT worked on both Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R, two spin-offs from the 90’s that helped carry the torch as Sonic Team focused on non-hedgehog properties. A number of videos have been uploaded over the last couple years regarding 3D Blast and R, showing early prototypes and explaining the coding tricks that maximized the hardware they were made for. Heck, Jon even released a Director’s Cut of 3D Blast not all that long ago! However, there has been one item that he mentioned having that he held back on – the demo recordings of 3D Blast’s soundtrack.

Well, until now.

Though only three songs are featured in the video, the fact that it’s marked as “#1” implies that more are on the way. Of particular interest is the the second track, an extended version of the theme song. Sure, it’s only slightly longer, but hey! It’s still neat. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long to hear the rest of those songs.

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    Hey. Great news. Sonic is my favorite game since childhood. I could play it for hours and days. My parents always scolded me that I play for a long time. This game was supposed to introduce Silver, and it played a vital role in history. Unfortunately, there were a lot of glitches and inflexible gameplay for Sonic, but that was pretty appropriate for the world they were in. The music was good, the story made sense after the characters were introduced, and Alice played the damsel in distress, Sonic saves the damsel in distress, and in this situation he is the one who needs her. The greatest SEGA game. Good luck.

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    He already posted the next one. Thumbnail has Knuckle’s face on it.

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