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Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Trailer Revealed

…but you already know that. If you’re looking at this article, you’ve already heard that the film’s trailer came out today. One look at Twitter, you can’t escape it. But heck, watch it again.

There we have it. No random trailer leak, no shaky cam footage from Cinema Con, but the real thing. We see Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik, we see Sonic moving around things in slow motion, we get to hear some jokes. Even a giant ring makes an appearance, flung from the hand of Sonic to save James Marsden and Tika Sumpter from certain death. Marked with the song “Gangsta’s Paradise,” the trailer, at the very least, does not try to take itself too seriously.

In addition, a number of movie posters were revealed today, likely to pop in cinema’s across the world. The posters themselves are pretty snazzy compositions, and at least aren’t as awkward as silhouettes in the pitch darkness.
But how should one feel about the Sonic movie? Fans have wanted one for nearly as long as the franchise has existed, and with the many false starts such a project has gotten over the years, it’s a minor miracle this went beyond the pre-production phase. To be fair, most reaction to the trailer has not been positive, especially when it concerns the look of the titular character. But does this mean the movie has no hope? That it’s doomed to languish in the same arena as the original Super Mario Bros. movie?
There’s much that could be said. But really, we won’t know how great, or how terrible, this movie will be until it’s out. No amount of slightly redesigned hedgehogs from fans will alter what we’re getting. But hey, at least they gave him socks.

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    Honestly, this trailer ended up getting more amused snorts out of me than I had anticipated.
    But, in truth, I think the best we could hope for, at this point, is that it is “Super Mario Bros Movie Bad.” I see that as something of a compliment, because, while the Mario movie was a bad movie, it was also kinda fun. So, I can only hope that this Sonic movie can go the same way… because it sure as heck isn’t going to be good. LOL

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    Problems with Sonic’s design aside, in combing through the trailer with a fine-tooth comb, I’m currently inclined to think that while the film’s almost certainly a B-movie and not going to be anywhere close to a hit with audiences, I don’t think it’s going to be “Super Mario Bros. Movie” bad either.
    More just…”it has the odd good moment, but it could really be better overall.” So still disappointing, just…not crushingly disappointing.
    Actually, I will give the film credit for the special effects. Nothing ground breaking, but definitely not that shoddy either…again, overlooking Sonic’s design.
    Not sold on Jim Carrey as Eggman. Part of it is because I’ve just never been a fan of his, but it’s also partly because I would’ve wanted Eggman portrayed a bit more seriously that Jim Carrey’s doing. But, you know, personal opinion.

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