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ToasterGrl’s LEGO Sonic Mania Pitch Appears on LEGO Ideas

Twitter user Toastergrl has put together a fantastic concept on LEGO Ideas to create a Sonic Mania themed Green Hill Zone in LEGO form. The pitch includes recreations of Sonic, along with iconic scenery including a 360 loop, slopes, monitors, Flickies and the ever important Motobug. The Phantom Ruby also makes an appearance by making clever use of flat squared surfaces positioned at a 45 degree angle. Oh, and Eggman, who can also be mounted inside the Death Egg Robot!

In fact a lot of the set is inspired by the actions that go on in the Sonic games. Not only can Eggman ride inside the Death Egg Robot, the articulated drill arms can extend forward and backward. Sonic can be placed on top of a springboard, with a lever hidden inside the scenery to launch Sonic and friends into the air. You can also piece the two Green Hill set pieces together, to make one continuous section of ground to make the perfect LEGO Sonic diorama.
Of course this isn’t a real LEGO set. Not yet anyway. To be eligible for a full-on production, the set must go through the approval process on LEGO Ideas. The website is an initiative for people to submit pitches and have people vote on what they think would make a great set. If the pitch reaches over 10,000 votes, LEGO will put the pitch into consideration as an official product. To vote, you’ll need to visit the LEGO Sonic Mania pitch page, log in with a LEGO account, and cast your vote. There is a time limit for how long the pitch will be available on their website, but as of the time of writing this article, the pitch has received over 300 supporters and counting.
LEGO Dimensions is so far the only official piece of LEGO Sonic anything, and it’s a shame things didn’t go further than that. But with this incredible concept work hopefully we’ll be seeing more in the future. Be sure to visit Toastergrl’s LEGO Sonic Mania pitch page on LEGO Ideas, and cast your vote for it as well! You can also see more concept art of the set on her Flickr account.
[Source: Toastergrl]

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