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RAGE 2019 Livestream VOD, Game Pack Download, and The Winner!

Sorry for the delay! As you can see above, the VOD of the RAGE 2019 livestream is up and ready for your viewing pleasure! We’ve got plenty of nominations and the winner of the Really Amateur Games Expo 2019, so without further ado, hit the jump for our recommendations and the link to the pack of games itself.

SONIC ADVENTURE 3 -THE TRAIL-: Sometimes, a RAGE game comes along that thoroughly impresses, so much so that it’s recommended to be fleshed out into something more. Sonic Adventure 3 -THE TRAIL- is not that game, but it is impressive solely for how the Sonic model being is so compressed and poor looking, with seemingly every angle being a screenshot turned into a sprite. Between that and rampaging through a movie theater, this is probably the most tongue-in-cheek game this year, and definitely worth your time.
Sonic’s Schoolhouse – Movie Edition: Honestly, this one is here because it created one of the best moments of the night. What we’ve got here is a clone of Baldi’s Basics, only with the Sonic movie poster chasing you around the school. We got close to beating it on stream… only for all of us to scream when we got caught. It’s not the funniest game you’ll play out of the pack, but it sure is the most tense.
Sonic: The Movie: Great Value: Early Access – Coming from the same creator of last year’s winner, 3DI70R, Great Value brings the same level of offkilter models and fantastic comedic timing as his entry from the year prior. Running around the city and finding all the bits of easter eggs, or heck just mowing over pedestrians even, is a ton of fun. Frankly, this game was a top contender for winning this year, but it was just barely nudged out by our winner…


SONIC THE HEDGEHOG from the producer of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: The past several years we’ve run RAGE, someone always submits a visual novel. Now don’t get me wrong, we appreciate these entries for what they are, but often they run just a bit too long or stretch their jokes a bit too thin. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG from the producer of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS (and that’s the only time I’m typing out the title in full) manages to stay fresh throughout each of it’s twists and offers some truly hilarious imagery to go with it. There’s quite a bit of replay value in it do, for the number of endings and characters there are to interact with. And yet, it never overstays its welcome at any point. To top it all off, the reading we did together as a group on stream hearkened back to the absurdity of our readings of Sonic Fights Robotnik. And that was more than enough to seal the deal as RAGE 2019’s winner.
If we’re being honest, RAGE 2019 is quite possibly the most consistently hilarious and downright awful set of games we’ve had to date. We want to thank everyone who submitted games and tuned into the livestream, and we’ll see you again for SAGE 2019!
And of course, you can download the games for yourself right here. Enjoy!

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