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Team Sonic Racing: Part 1 of ‘Making the Music’ & JP Pre-order Bonuses Revealed


The steady trickle of Team Sonic Racing news continues, with the release of this short ‘Part 1’ video covering some of the game’s soundtrack. Featuring Jun Senoue, Takeshi Taneda and Act., this video not only shows us actual studio footage but also some new clips of the game in motion alongside it. Market Street in particular looks fantastic as Blaze bounces off hot air balloons and Shadow does some extremely slick drifting through a tight-looking S-bend.
Part 1 features Market Street and Green Light Ride, as well as Frozen Junkyard so while it’s mostly stuff we’ve heard before, Frozen Junkyard is new and almost has an Ohtani vibe to it. It’s also just nice to see Jun and Co jamming together in the studio. As well as this neat little bonus, Sega have announced the Japanese pre-order bonuses for the game – hit the jump to see what’s up for grabs.

It seems that Sega of Japan are (possibly unfortunately, depending on your view on this sort of thing) electing to give different bonuses depending on where you place your pre-order and there even seems to be two different tiers of the ‘DX Pack’ on offer. The rewards mentioned are as follows.

  • A mini album consisting of four songs used in promotional material for the game, including Green Light Ride.
  • AmiAmi: A set of acrylic key holders featuring Team Sonic and Team Dark.
  • Aeon malls (seemingly any game shop): An A5 booklet about the game.
  • Joshin webshop: A fairly neat smartphone wallpaper.
  • Sega Store: The big one, this is the ‘DX Pack’ featuring a postcard book, two very eye-catching rock glasses, a motel key holder, a flat pouch and a 3D crystal.
    It mentions the 3D crystal only coming as part of a separate set, so we can assume this means there’s two tiers of this pack. The rock glasses are extremely cool but quite an interesting choice of pack-in given the subject matter – unfortunately, we’re not likely to see this leave Japan so you might have to get creative if you want to get your hands on them. Here’s the link to see more images for yourself.(Thanks to @SlowAnime and @Abzol for helping translate some of these rewards and locations.)
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