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SEGA News Bits: IDW Sonic the Hedgehog #1 Discussion (No Spoilers)

It’s April 4th, and that means the official launch of Sonic the Hedgehog IDW series! On this episode of the SEGA News Bits Barry will give you his thoughts on the new direction, how it stacks up against the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog series and much more. Did you pick up the new issue of Sonic the Hedgehog IDW? If not, no worries, this discussion is spoiler free! If you want to support this type of content, you can check out our Patreon!
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    I just barely got the first issue and was gonna get the second. I didn’t read a lot of the Archie series but reading the first IdW issue. It doesn’t feel like a whole lot has changed. The SatAm characters aren’t there and honeslty I’m glad it’s following the canon a lot more closely. I hope they bring the freedom fighters back and I do want to read the rest of this series.
    Praise to Penders

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