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Sonic 2 HD Returns With a New Trailer, New Demo Soon

Boy, it’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen this project hasn’t it? You’ll recall Sonic 2 HD as one of the featured projects on this very website up until the project disbanded in 2012. When the project was dead in it’s tracks, it did give us PagodaWest Games who’s talent eventually led to the amazing Sonic Mania and the Sonic 2 HD team got some fresh talent in 2014 to resurface the project from it’s ashes. You can read a summary of the project’s troubled history from Guess Who’s editorial.
Now the project is back with a new trailer showcasing the smooth artwork, zones, remastered soundtrack and gameplay with new material not seen since it’s first public demo in 2012. Sonic and Tails are shown running together through the previously featured Emerald Hill Zone and the similarly colored Hill Top Zone that was originally hidden in the first demo. The bigger highlights include Chemical Plant Zone being shown off for the first time, new character artwork and the video’s closing teaser for the game’s second demo set to release later this month on the 30th. The team also relaunched their website simplified to feature screenshots, wallpaper and social media links.
The project continues it’s long trek but certainly shows a lot of promise. We can’t wait to see what’s in store in the project’s second demo after so long. Over time they have been showcasing new assets and even positions for those who want to put their talent up to honor the original 1992 game. Be sure to check out their website and social media links for more information.

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    I’m sceptical about this, but not as skeptical as I would have been in 2014. I mean, this project is way older than the other ones but, Project : BRAZIL and The Frontier (both mods for Fallout: New Vegas) are showing signs of life again and everyone’s still hype on Sonic Mania. Maybe there’s some truth to all this.

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    I hope they incorporate Hidden Palace Zone from the Christian Whitehead version. That way I’ll finally be able to play that version of Sonic 2 outside of the mobile versions.

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    What is this Sonic Mania? *babum* It looks promising.

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    Hopefully Casino Night and Mystic cave will be here, those are my favorites

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    Seems to be pulled.

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    Will they add the deleted levels from the original into this game? Like Wood Zone or Genocide City?

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