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SAGE 2017 Update: Booth Update and the Trailer!

Woah, hey, it’s been a bit, right?! We’ve got a couple quick updates regarding SAGE so let’s get right into it!
Just like last year, we’ll have another SAGE trailer to show off the exciting games coming this year! If you’d like your game featured, please send a 10 second clip of gameplay to [email protected] by 11:59 pm Central Time, September 14th. For examples of clips and what to expect, take a peek at last year’s trailer here!
Off-Site Booths are now optional. That’s right! Now that the new SFGHQ site is up and running in beta, instead of worrying about if you can make your own booth, or you lack the resources or what have you, then go ahead and create your booth using the site’s built in submission system! Awww yeah! It’s easy and gives you an better than ever method to get set up for SAGE! A lot of folks were, worried about creating their own site for their entry as well as archival of SAGE’s content. This will effectively accomplish both, while also wrapping everything up in an easy to use form set up!
Hit the jump to find out about on own hosting and how you can get yours up today!
To get started, simply register an account at!
Once you have an account, to get started on your SAGE submission, simply go to, next click the Create Item button. It looks like this, if you somehow can’t find it:

Once you hit that, select SAGE from the drop down list.
This will present you with a rather easy form that works in a manner somewhat similar to writing four forums posts at once, with four different editor fields. Each of these will control one of four tabs for your booth, as well as being labeled with what should probably go in there. This system is quite powerful, allowing screenshots, descriptive novella, videos, and of course, your entry! If you already have an offsite booth, make sure you link to it in your first tab! If you want your offsite booth to be the primary location of your booth, with the SFGHQ site’s rendition being the secondary (meaning that when you click in on the SAGE site listing, it goes to your offsite booth first), make sure you let us know at [email protected]!
Sorry about the change of plans and the confusion folks. SFGHQ wasn’t quite ready at the time of the original SAGE announcement and due to popular demand, we decided to use the site’s software to solve issues like lack of archival and so on. Also, best of all, no one will be able to see your booth but you until the event starts. However, even after submission, you will still be able to easily edit and configure your booth as you see fit! Awesome! That means that you won’t have to rely on SAGE staff to update your booth or demo!
And that’s it! We’ve got our Twitter live and kicking, if you’ve got any questions, make sure to tweet us there!

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