Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comic Book Series Cancelled After 24 Years

After 24 long years with plenty of ups and downs, the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter confirmed today that the Archie Sonic series has finally been put to rest. This comes after months of silence from both parties as the series was put on hiatus after 290 at the end of 2016. The comic has run alongside Sonic since 1992 and featured characters from both the video games and the Saturday Morning Cartoon.
For those wanting to reminisce on Archie’s take of the games, check out “How Archie Played the Games”  and “Mobius: 25 Years Later,” by our very own David the Lurker.

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    About damn time. Here’s hoping this makes way for a new comic. A good one this time.

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      How dare you! What would you know about a good comic, machine!

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    The newer staff coming in was getting making the quality worst. It was on a down hill train so maybe a complete refresh might work. Hey maybe more than 5000 – 3000 peeps will start buying later.

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    I’m so happy that terrible reboot didn’t even make it to 300.

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    I was never really too into the Archie comics myself, but I still have to acknowledge the significance of this. The Sonic Archie comics have been around for a long time, have a record for being the longest-running comic series based on a video game, and have numerous long-time, die-hard fans, so much so that at times it almost seems like there are two Sonic fanbases; one for the comics, and one for the games. It’s no small thing for it to finally come to an end.
    But that said, and since Sega still seems interested in pursuing Sonic in comic form, it will be interesting to see where this could go next. Assuming they start a new series from scratch (which I fully expect would be the plan), it would give the producers, whomever they might be, an excellent chance to make a series more in-line with the in-game universe of Sonic, partly because that in-game universe is much better defined now than it was back in 1992 when Archie was starting out and they sort of had to figure out a larger universe that didn’t really exist yet themselves.

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    Here’s hoping IDW can make a comic as good as this one

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