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Sonic Time Twisted Released After 12 Years of Development

It’s rare that a Sonic fan game gets fully released. Many are often cancelled or often stay in development hell after releasing one or two demos. But for once one of those games managed to get out of said development hell and be released as a full fledged game.
Sonic Time Twisted, created by Overbound Game Studio, has finally been released after being twelve years in development. The fan game features 28 acts across 8 zones, time travel, new special stages, and a soundtrack that’s headed up by Hinchy.
The full game can be downloaded on Overbound’s site, and the soundtrack can be found here. You can also find the game’s previous demo releases on our wiki.

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    This game is great however the controls on the special stages suck so hard.

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    Great game. In all honestly everything was done amazingly. However, the Special Stages need a little tune up, but it’s worth going through all those stages. Trust me.

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    Wow this game took 12 years? I’ll admit while Sonic Mania looks like a Sega Genesis game, this looks like it was supposed to be on the Genesis. Like it looks like the sequel S3&K could’ve gotten back in the day. Looks cool and sounds cool. I’ll totally look into it

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