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Unleashed Project 2.0 Cancelled

Those looking forward to the Unleashed Project will be disheartened to hear that the project is no more. In a statement released by the Project’s head, S0LV0, she’s stated that it was time to call it quits. From the Twitlonger post:

So, here it is. I can’t begin to express how sorry I am about this, but I’m cancelling Unleashed Project 2.0. For a long time I was really passionate about it, and I felt I had something special to share with people by working on it, but that passion is gone. I know of no one I could pass the workload onto, nor do I plan to release my “completed” work as none of it is fully polished. I’m sincerely sorry to those who were looking forward to it, but I hope you’ll understand by this far into my post that it was extremely unhealthy for me.

S0LV0 goes on to talk about what she’ll be doing from this point and more in her full Twitlonger post which can be read here. For those holding onto hope, S0LV0 tweeted that DarioFF, the person in charge of the Unleashed Project prior to her, may be interested in taking the project over. We at Retro wish S0LV0 all the best in what she does and look forward to her projects in the future.

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    That’s too bad, but you should never feel forced to spend your free time doing something you’ve lost passion for. I hope Dario finds it in his, but he shouldn’t feel any more pressured than SOLVO did (a lot less, in fact, nobody should go through that much stress over a video game mod).
    Also, that twitter link isn’t quite working. It seems to link to instead of just…twitter.

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    I’ve given up on huge projects like this and disappointed more people than I had ever expected to, best thing I could have done was release my work while I still had it. You don’t even need to tie up the ends, your shit doesn’t even have to compile/work, some dedicated fan will have it working sooner than later. No point in wasting all of that work.

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      I’m sure that S0LV0 considered publicly releasing the work she had done before deciding not to. And there are very good reasons for someone to not release their unfinished work to the public like that. For example, yeah it’s possible that some other modders online will do a good job finishing S0LV0’s work. But it’s also very possible and likely that the people who’d pick up the project would do a shoddy job finishing it, with the end result not being up to her standards. By not publicly releasing the project, she has control over who continues developing it. And like the article mentions, DarioFF has already shown interest in doing so.

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