SEGA Talk Podcast: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

The infamous Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) celebrated its 10th year anniversary earlier this week so George and Barry of SEGAbits decided to sit down with Sonic Retro’s Bartman3010 and David the Lurker to recount our thoughts on the title. On this episode we go through the concept of Sonic the Hedgehog, talk about various gameplay elements, glitches, music, and some of us even have nice things to say (maybe). If you wanna go back a whole decade and relive the grand adventure that is Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 just hit play below or subscribe to us via your favorite podcast network.

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If you like what you heard, check out our past episodes. If you want to give us feedback, suggest a topic for the next podcast or want to ask a question for us to answer on the next episode you can add them as a comment below or send them directly to our email. Make sure you use subject line ‘SEGA Talk’ and as always, thanks for listening!

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    Edit: fixed some errors made by using a phone to type.

    I greave on Sonic 06, I’m one of those people that like the game and no matter how I want to I just can’t enjoy any Sonic game since, it saddens me the fact we may never see anything like it sine SEGA seems to have moved on from the Adventure formula, instead we’re getting two Genesis-esq Sonic titles for like the 100th time, I’m honestly tired of the 2D games, I’m tired of the Generations style games with their complicated controls, and I’m tired of the lack of a propper story in Sonic.

    I feel that the people who hate on the story of Sonic 06 generally don’t like anime and prefer goofy Sonic from AOSTH, while that’s all nice and peachy you don’t have to bully us and rub it on our faces that you guys get what you want and don’t don’t, we been waiting for over 10 years for another Adventure title (15 if you don’t count Sonic 06).

    @George and Barry I listened to the whole thing and I feel your questions were generally trying to hate on the game rather being geniuen, like, instead of asking “what do you think of Sonic 06?” you’d be asking “why do you think Sonic 06 is the worst thing to ever happen to Sonic?” like come on, guys! It’s been 10 years just get over it.

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      I love anime and I think Sonic 2006/Adventure 3’s story is trash fite me

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        I’m not fighting anyone I just said that I feel people who don’t like its story generally don’t like anime, I could be wrong here but it’s just something I’ve noticed.

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          You’re wrong, Retro staff includes a few Kill la Kill fans. :V

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      I hate anime and I too think Sonic 2006’s story is trash fite me too

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    I think a big influence on Sonic ’06 was a lot of cutting room floor stuff from Sonic 1, particularly the image of Sonic in a desert wasteland surrounded by eldritch monsters, human girlfriend and looming malicious god-thing (also Eggman is dressed uncannily like Eggman Nega)

    And I don’t think Sonic having a human girlfriend was something especially Japanese as it was likely just thought of by Sonic Team as part and parcel of the “funny animal” trope, e.g., Roger & Jessica Rabbit, Betty Boop (originally a pit bull) & Bimbo, and that Paula Adbul “Opposites Attract” music video

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    *Sonic Adventure 3

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    I know it’s been so long

    That people are getting sick and tired of sonic 2D.

    And I hope they’re not.
    It is not my decision how I say it.

    On the same is going to give it some chances there are hundreds of people that by your game in stores including Walmart.

    I’ve heard there was a lot of people who sold out of those Genesis systems.

    That should tell you that people still love those old sonic games classic.

    That he should not be distributed.

    People love exploring your sonic classic game.

    And other people that don’t like him anymore. Just disappear into the darkness.

    There are a lot of things, it’s missing from sonic’s game that will make it even funner but I will not explain that. So let me move on.

    I could tell you if you don’t like the old classic games.

    Just take a book and read and let the other people play it.

    People get sick and tired of things and they want to make something different about their selves so let it.

    Just read a book and you probably come up with some good ideas.

    To help your game there is nothing to lose and sonics games just find it in your heart and you will see it through.

    Or,just listen to other people’s ideas like something could be very special beyond the book.
    Who knows you pick up a new friend like me, maybe I dealt that.

    Anyway, happy holidays to of you. Ardis happy Thanksgiving don’t let the cheesecake spill oh and happy holidays to you too Mike Pollock.

    See you later you all.!?^_^

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