Discotek Media gives update on North American Sonic X DVD releases

Discotek Media has given fans of Sonic X an update on their North American DVD releases via a Facebook post detailing all of their upcoming titles. The Sonic X Seasons 1 and 2 Collection, which was originally due out September 27th, has been moved to November 8th of this year. The Sonic X Season 3 DVD collection, which will round out the series, is set to release a month later on December 6th. Both Sonic X sets will only feature the English language version of the series, which is sure to annoy purists and delight Mike Pollock fans. This makes Sonic Boom the only animated Sonic the Hedgehog series not available on home video in North America, which is sure to delight purists and annoy Mike Pollock fans.
As for Hi-sCool! Seha Girls (Sega Hard Girls), another SEGA title that Discotek Media has long promised, they still plan on giving the series a DVD and blu-ray release and they will be picking a date soon. Seeing as how the show is about all things SEGA, Sonic makes his fair share of cameos.
You can pre-order the Sonic X Seasons 1 and 2 Collection now. We’ll let you know once the Season 3 Collection appears as well as the date they end up assigning Hi-sCool! Seha Girls.

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    Hoping the SeHa Girls set includes the recently announced bonus episode(s?) coming to the Japanese complete box. Still, better believe I’m gonna grab these DVDs as soon as they drop; after all, there’s no incentive to release a subbed version if the dub doesn’t sell.

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    Is it the uncut version of Sonic X?

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    This is good news, I been watching re-runs of Sonic X on TV recently, yesterday was the last episode, despite the bad dubbing by 4Kids it’s still more entertaining than Sonic Boom especially episodes 53+ but I guess it could’ve been worse we could’ve ended up with Teen Titans Go.

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      What channel have you been watching the re-runs on? I thought they ended it. I’m in the US by the way.

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    Also I’m super excited for Hi-Scoool! SeHa Girls, having it on a DVD will be awesome.

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