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UPDATED: Summer of Sonic Postmortem Stream at 9PM UTC+1 Today

Check out the archive of the livestream available now! We take a look back at Summer of Sonic 2016 and talk more on Sonic Mania! I’m joined with Retro staff Overlord, Cinossu, Orengefox and Jen along with Becky(JennyTablina), Neowl and TrackerTD.
Tune in today for talk on Summer of Sonic, more Sonic Mania and more with Sonic Retro, SEGAbits and guests!

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    Watching you play Sonic Advance for a minute I thought I was playing, you and I play the game almost identical, of course except the parts where you got hit while being busy talking which is totally understandable, it’s nice to watch someone who actually KNOWS how to play a Sonic game for a change, one who knows the value of such moves like the Jump Dash and the Insta-Shield.
    Btw, which emulator are you using? I never seen this one before, it’s runnin on the Gamecube/Nintendo Wii?

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      Thanks! That’s an actual GameCube with the Game Boy Player attachment.

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        I should have known, I heard about the Game Boy player I just never saw it in action before, beats the Super Gameboy.

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