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First Gameplay of Sonic in LEGO Dimensions

While the biggest announcements of today’s event were by far Sonic Mania and Project Sonic 2017, the impressive gameplay trailer of Sonic in LEGO Dimensions shouldn’t be ignored. The trailer shows Sonic running through Green Hill Zone yet again, but also has him going through environments from other franchises including Back to the Future and Doctor Who.
The trailer also shows some concept art for Sonic’s world, showing that the familiar Green Hills won’t be the only environment represented in LEGO form. The level set will also come with a couple of vehicles: Sonic’s car from the All-Star Racing games and the Tornado. It will be released this fall and will be useable with every version of LEGO Dimensions.

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  • Reply

    Seems like Sonic moves a little slow, but I have to admit seeing him hanging with the Doctor and riding the back of an Aperture Science turret is the best things I’ve seen today.

  • Reply

    Sonic in Doctor Who? Why did they….
    Oh I get it..!
    Sonic Screwdriver!

    • Reply

      Depends on which Doctor it is.
      The current one doesn’t use a screwdriver anymore.
      He uses sunglasses.

      • Reply

        Actually he recently got a new screwdriver, and seems to alternate between the screwdriver and the glasses. He might start favoring one over the other in the next season.

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