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Multiplayer Showcase Faces Sudden Death in Saturn Bomberman

Its the final minutes until the big 25h anniversary party for our good buddy, Sonic, but wait! Those aren’t rings falling from the sky, its a bunch of weights and a myriad of bombs which means its the last few rounds of Saturn Bomberman before we share our verdict on the game. In the last part of the episode, the group talks about the sudden death mode, discovers a connection with Bomberman and wrestling and share our strategies of playing the game. Also how did people play the game in the mid to late nineties? The round table discussion features my friends Chance, Krys, Randy and Chelsea.
Did you play Saturn Bomberman back in the day? How did you set up the game to play with friends? Do you think other Bomberman games do the job better? Be sure to sound off in the comments!

Multiplayer Showcase is the premiere review show covering multiplayer games that are long forgotten or have become obsolete. I gather as many people as I can to play these old games and gather them around a table to talk about how these games hold up.
You can check out some of our previous videos including the first part of Saturn Bomberman, the last episode featuring Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and an older live stream covering Sonic Advance 3, Jet Set Radio GBA and San Francisco Rush 2049.

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