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SEGA To Allow People To Share Mega Drive ROM Hacks Through Steam Workshop

Yesterday Sega Europe announced the SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub for Steam. Basically it’s a fancy emulator shell that lets you play Mega Drive games in a virtual room. It has the standard features you might expect officially released emulated games to have like save states and visual filters. But outside of that, it’ll have one very interesting sounding feature: Steam Workshop support.
According to Sega’s blog post, the Steam Workshop support is for “modified versions” of the Mega Drive games. You might think that this sounds a lot like they are letting people share ROM hacks, which would be huge news. And it turns out: they are! It was later confirmed on Twitter that you’ll be able to share “custom ROMs” of the games with other Steam users. So yeah, ROM hacks.
It’s no news that Sega is okay with people making and sharing ROM hacks. After all, they haven’t tried to stop us from letting people host them on this site. But to let people share them through an official channel like this has never been done before. More details on how Steam Workshop support will exactly work will be shared next week, but so far this all sounds very promising.
The SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub will launch on April 28th, and will be released as a free update to the current Mega Drive emulator on Steam. It’ll be compatible with all of the Mega Drive games Sega are selling on Steam, and you’ll be able to make use of the hub if you already own any of them. This of course includes all of the Mega Drive Sonic games that are being sold on Steam.

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    push for Sonic Boom to be put into the work shop to remind SEGA what a good Sonic Boom game is ??????????????????

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    That’s incredible. What was that saying again ? “We do what Nintendon’t”. They can proudly say it again now.

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      And they believe that their fans are just as good as themselves, which is why they accept Sonic fan games and DON’T request to have them removed like Nintendo.

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    You can tell that the folks who wrote this up are from the EU and UK, as they keep calling it the Mega Drive… and not the Genesis.
    I might be the ONLY one who prefers the name Genesis.
    Either way…. I really miss being a kid and seeing that cool black console with the carts going in… gaming today just lacks something special that’s missing…

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    You’d think Streets of Rage Remake would be localized because of this, even though it’s not a Rom hack I’d love to buy a port of it on consoles someday.

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