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Sonic Hacking Contest 2016 Announced

It would be an uneventful year without the time honored tradition of the hacking contest. Despite the delays and complications the Sonic Hacking Contest got 2016’s back for another round of ROM hacks and more! For the time being, there are no entries being accepted as the website will be up later.
You can get your submission ready by viewing the rules here on our forums courtesy of hacking contest judge Spanner. Deadline is Sunday 9th October 2016, so there’s plenty of time before the contest begins. Watch this space or check with the forums when the website goes live.
Remember that you can submit more than just ROM hacks as there are entries for mods as well. Will you make the ultimate mod to Sonic Lost World?
[Source: Sonic Hacking Contest 2016]

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    Hay guys I have a favor to ask out of you guys I heard you guys were a team so can you please finish sonic 1 brother trouble it’s not complete and people are bugging me about it please finish the hack for all of us thank you

    • Reply

      ….no one on the Retro front page worked on BroTro. It was cancelled a while back too.

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        Can you put true hyper sonic in s3k please

  • Reply

    Can we not have one hack win half the bloody awards this time? Thanks.

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    My Hack is Spongebob in Sonic 1

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