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January 2, 2016

Game News

Crush 40 “Might” Write New Songs for Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Game

Update: Johnny has since deleted this post from Facebook.
It looks like we may get more of Crush 40’s amazingly dumb but also still amazingly great songs in the 25th anniversary game. While answering fan questions on Facebook, Johnny Gioeli said this when asked about their next album:

When will there be news about the Crush 40 album?
~We are planning a few performances for 2016 to commemorate the anniversary of Sonic. We “might” participate in writing new songs for the anniversary game…stay tuned…

Really at this point it’s probably already been decided if they’ll be doing new songs for the game, so it’s looking pretty likely that that will actually happen. Meaning that it’s 2016 and we’re probably still getting Crush 40 songs in Sonic games. Really there’s no better way to start the year than knowing this.