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Monday Links – End of the Year Edition

Continuing the tradition of Monday Links not on Mondays, it’s my turn to steal the glory from Tim!
With 2015 coming to a merciful end, we can look forward to a few exciting things in 2016: a Cubs team that may finally put an end to that dang curse,  a bunch of movies and sequels, Nintendo doing something with the NX, and most importantly, heavily criticizing the brand direction of a certain blue hedgehog.
He turns 25, you know. No rental car agency can stop him now.

Here are a few other neat things happening around the scene:
Retro News
-In case you missed it, the Sonic Amateur Games Expo has been delayed into some time next year. [Planning is hard.]
Sonic News

-You remember SEGAbits, right? Shame on you if you don’t. They’re our rad sister site for the general SEGA fanatic. They’ve done a recap of the Sonic fan event in Japan this past weekend. Give them some love, they do solid work. [Segata Sanshiro will break you.]
Community News
-A few bros from Respawn Point are doing their 5th Sonic Marathon to raise money for Special Effect (because some people can’t enjoy video games as easily as most of us can), so go show them some love. [Hashtag jokes everywhere]
-If you’re a fan of Mega Drive sounds, DJ Sonikku has some music for you. Using the YM 2612 sound card (aka that chip that makes the beep-boop sounds you hear in Sonic games), DJ Sonikku, who is signed to Boiler Room, has produced an album that should have the most staunch Sonic fan bobbing their head along. [Give him a listen]
-Sonic Twitter’s been running amok on social media. But for all its dank memes, it has let a certain popularity poll contest run dry. That’s cool, we all know Eggman’s the best character anyway.  :V
[Ruby, settle down.]
Random Blurb
-If you care about Yuji Naka and personally funding his next Ferrari, go grab Rodea the Sky Soldier right now. But only play the Wii version because that’s the only one Naka actually worked on. The other two versions are not good. [Only in first-run Wii U copies in a bargain bin near you.]
Video Bite
Sonic’s 25th Anniversary hits in 2016, and it’s still quite a mystery what will land in the hands of the fans. But it may be time for a grand return of the second best character in the series…

Drop us a line!
Got something you want us to pimp out? Message us on the forums or on our respective Twitters. It’s not that we’re lazy, we’re just busy. Yeah, that’s it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Also, this is the LAST EVER MONDAY LINKS. Due to reasons beyond our control, Monday Links needed to be sent to the big internet farm up north. So look forward to its not-day-specific “Retro Digest” replacement coming in 2016. [Seriously, you want a plug? Message us.]

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