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Sonic and Angry Birds cross-over in… Angry Birds Sonic Dash Epic?

I honestly have no explanation for this. I’m not sure if this can be explained. Some guy from VideoGamer just tweeted these screenshots and I’m just incredibly confused right now. I mean, they’re both popular games sure, but… Angry Birds Sonic Dash Epic? Are they trying to outdo SONIC BIRDS vs. EGGMAN ROBOTNIK PIGS in the naming department? I’m so confused by this.
Okay, so it turns out that this is an in-game event that’ll go on for three weeks, in which you can unlock a different Angry Birds Epic character each week by collecting tokens. That, or you can just buy them. These includes Red ‘Knight’, Chuck ‘Mage’ and Bomb ‘Pirate’. You’ll still be able to use keep using these characters even after unlocking them. This event will be on all three platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
So uh, yeah, medieval Angry Birds characters in a Sonic game. Just in case for if you weren’t weirded out already by the Sonic Twitter suddenly becoming a lot more meta.

[Source: Invision Game Community]

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    First that Sonic Boom game nobody asked for, then the Hyrule Warriors rumour, then the sassy new direction the Sonic Twitter is going, and now this? This is one crazy week for Sonic…

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      I wouldn’t put any stock into that Hyrule Warriors rumour being legit…

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    This is honestly the second weirdest unwanted news I heard regarding Sonic The Hedgehog, right next to the werehog in Sonic Unleashed, I really REALLY can’t stand Angry Birds!

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    Sonic 3D: Angry Birds Island, anyway I beat the first mission and unlocked the first character, easy to unlock, pretty useless to play, at least Sonic Runners Puyo Puyo keeps me entertained.

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