Tuesday Links: Reboot Edition

So we all know that Hollywood loves to revive old movies and stuff. I mean, they’re even making two new Ghostbusters movies. But recently they’ve also started making more movies about games. There’s even going to be a movie about video games with Adam Sandler and Peter Dinklage. And as you probably already know, even Sonic’s gonna get a movie now. One that might be PG-13. So yeah, Hollywood is crazy.
And this is where I forget where I was going with this and instead made this Sonic doodle. Anyway, links.
Sonic Retro Stuff

Sonic Stuff

Other Stuff

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    What, no mention of the “letter from SEGA” Chris-chan got?

    • Reply

      I don’t advocate trolling the mentally handicapped, so no.

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    I don’t think that was “reference” for fans as much as it was a plot-twist.
    One that’ll lead to some interesting character interaction when Metal Sonic Crashes in on the tournament, meeting breezie again.

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    I was hoping for something about your progress on Sonic Runners this week.

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