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Hit Reset: Why Sonic 3D Blast deserves another chance

Everyone tends to think that Sonic has been dead for an undisclosed amount of time, and generally seem to miss out on or dismiss a lot of interesting games along the way. One of the first games to start the march of “Sonic hasn’t been good since…” was Sonic 3D Blast. So, on this episode of Hit Reset, will take a look at why this game was not the beginning of all our problems, and why you may actually be missing out on something pretty cool.
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    Always loved S3DB. I recently played via “Sonic Mega Collection” (GCN), and finally beat the entire game, with all emeralds, in one sitting! I even tweeted about it. But you had to be there. Let’s get this on 3DS!

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    I love this game as well. Back when I was a kid I legitimately thought of it as the next Step for Sonic. Grew up with there pc version, but played the genesis in the Mega Collection + for Ps2.
    Wish they’d rerelease a double version bundle (genesis /saturn) today.
    Both soundtracks are incredible, Btw.:)

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    I enjoyed this game growing up. I didn’t own a Saturn back when I was a kid, so I grew up with the Genesis version, nonetheless it’s still fun. It could have been better without the Flicky system, but hey Sik made a hack way back in 2009 or so that removes the flicky collecting system so that’s awesome. xD I also prefer the Genesis soundtrack over the Saturn one… I personally only like a handful of songs from the Saturn version while I love pretty much the entire Genesis soundtrack. 🙂

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    I could see this being on the 3DS and lots of options
    Toggle between…
    Genesis and Saturn graphics
    Genesis and Saturn music (hell it would be nice to pick which music to play on each level (this idea should have been implemented to Sonic CD Remastered))
    Flickies on or off (yeah adding Sik’s hack would be awesome)
    …So yeah.

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