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Happy Symbolic Heart Love Crazy Cool Day from Sonic Retro

Whether you’re sharing your life with other people or if today is more of a, “Nope, not getting out of bed today” sort of affair, we just want to take a little time to say, “Hey, thanks for still putting up with our insanity and we love you.” Truly! Retro wouldn’t be half of what it is right now both as an information hub and as the forefront (or at the very least, the knowledge base) of some of the neatest Sonic hacks out there if it wasn’t for your support.
It’s not much, but since trying to email chocolate to everyone who visits would not only be impossible and probably messy, we’d like to show our appreciation by hooking you all up with a project tucked away in the corners of SoundCloud aiming to recreate an often sought but never discovered soundtrack. Mr Kingalicious is in the middle of making the Sonic OVA soundtrack himself and it sounds pretty damn good, all things considered! Go show his work some love today too, since it deserves recognition for being pretty quality stuff.
And if today isn’t the best for you? Hang in there. Let this little gift at least give you some light.

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    Wow, that is seriously awesome to put that much work into recreating the soundtrack! Thanks for the linkage Gene.

  • Reply

    Will those tracks ever be downloadable?

  • Reply

    They already are, you just have to click on each song to download them individually.
    It fooled me too for a second too.

  • Reply

    I click on them, but all it does is play the track

    • Reply

      In the playlist, when you click on the song, look to the right a little bit. You should see four buttons, starting with a heart. The last one should be an arrow pointing down. That’s the one you want. No clue if you need to be logged in to see it.

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    Oh! Thank you!

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