Sonic Videos on Youtube Getting Copyright Claims From eLicense (Updated)


Update 2: SEGA has confirmed that eLicense is sending out the claims without their say-so, and that they intend to keep them from doing so any further.
Update: Members on our forum are saying that the copyright claims are being removed, even without disputing the claims. So it looks like it’s safe to upload videos with Sonic/SEGA music again.
Turns out that copyright laws can stop Sonic after all. Much to the annoyance of various popular Sonic video creators, a lot of Sonic videos on Youtube have been getting copyright claims because of the music used. This means that the Youtube users who uploaded these videos no longer get ad revenue from them. And this isn’t just affecting Let’s Players like ClementJ642, modders like Dario ff, Melpontro and Paraxade0 have been getting these claims as well for the use of Sonic music in videos showcasing their mods or speedruns. However, we don’t know if these copyright claims actually come from SEGA or not.
While it doesn’t look likely that SEGA’s American and European branches are behind this, we haven’t had a confirmation yet if SEGA Japan is behind this or not. The claims are being sent by a Japanese company called elicense, which has a service that specializes in finding copyrighted content on Youtube. And with no clear answer on whether or not SEGA Japan is trying to remove monetization from videos using Sonic music, people are speculating on if elicense is Content ID matching these videos for SEGA. This has also made Youtube users hit by these claims uncertain on if they should dispute them or not. SEGA has put out copyright claims on Youtube videos in their own name in the past though, and elicense is even targeting remixes of SEGA music.
Various users have tried to reach out to SEGA on Twitter, but so far they haven’t given a response about this.

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    Just putting this on the table, I’ve been hit from elicense too. They hit my Sonic CD videos.

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    Well I did get a copyright claim once before due to using music from Sonic X, though that wasn’t SEGA that was TMS, also since most Sonic OSTs now come to iTunes it doesn’t come as a surprise that other sources would have copyright claims, it’s the price of having a popular channel with many views.
    Now if only SEGA would make a copyright claim form every Sonic recolor for iPhone apps that uses “original the character”.

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    Probably has something to do with them being desperate for profit nowadays. Regardless, this fucking sucks. What’s offensive is that they’re targeting remixes, which last time I checked are actually PROTECTED under copyright law. At least in America.

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    Just checked my channel and the 20 or so videos that got claimed from these guys has been let go also. I wonder why all this happened.

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    eLicense is the only one desperate for profit.
    The ASCAP is also taking some pot shots.

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    So. Am I allowed to use Sonic Instrumental Music if I do not monetize my videos? I have no interest in monetization.

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