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Sonic Runners Confirmed to Officially Exist

sonicrunnersIts existence has been around the rumor mill for a bit of time, but SEGA today officially confirmed Sonic Runners as a 2015 title. But rather than being the next main line Sonic title from Japan, Sonic Runners was also confirmed as a mobile title.
No other details of the game were shown at the recent event at SEGA Joypolis. Media of the game floating around right now is false as SEGA have not released any sort of promotional assets, but we’ll no doubt see them in time and mock that it may very well be a touched up Sonic Dash/Sonic Storybook title hybrid.
Not the most exciting bit of news, but it’s a little something to kick off your Sunday morning and wind down 2014.
[Source: SegaDriven]

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  • Reply

    Since it’s Sonic Team making it this time around I wonder how different/similar it’ll be to the ones we already have.Be interesting to see how it goes.

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    It’s going to be bullshit like the rest of the modern Sonic games.
    Devs don’t know what they are doing anymore: Confirmed.

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    Yay? Has Sega run out of ideas?

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    What about the PS3/360 title for 2015 rumored a while back? Cancelled?

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    Sonic Runners sounds like a weird title, I don’t know wither be excited or worried, for all we know it could be an HD remake of Sonic Dash!

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      “HD remake”? The game is already “HD”.

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