Archie Comics announce “Worlds Unite” – The Sequel to the “Worlds Collide” Sonic VS Mega Man Crossover

In something almost completely out of the blue, Archie comics has announced the Blue Blur and the Blue Bomber are set to join forces once again in the new crossover event Worlds Unite, starting Spring 2015. Indeed, Sonic and Mega Man are starring in another crossover comic series, set to be “even bigger” than 2013’s previous crossover.

As Polygon reports, the new crossover will be detailed at New York Comic Con later on this week. Paul Kaminski, executive director of editorial at Archie, has said that “You saw what happened when worlds collided, now see what happens when Words Unite! And this time, no universe will be safe…”

Intriguing stuff! Keep an eye on NYCC, where the Archie Action Hour: Sonic the Hedgehog and Megan Man panel is set for Thursday at 1pm, where more details are set to be announced regarding this exciting crossover event.

[Reported by TrackerTD]

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    I’m getting this odd feeling that this will alter Sonic back to how it was before Worlds Collide.

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      Impossible. There are too many legal issues preventing that world from showing up again. Besides, why in the world would they want to bring that world back?

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    “no universe will be safe…”

    Tiny TMNT cameo confirmed

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    The first crossover was fun, looking forward to this one too, it sounds promising!

    I can’t help but feel bad for the Blue Bomber though, now that Capcom are shutting down and put on sale (or so I heard) what’s gonna happen to him? At least we got Mighty No. 9 to look forward to, speaking of which check out this review for Mighty Gunvolt, a game that is similar to Megaman and has Mighty No. 9 as a playable character that is comming to Nintendo eShop

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    looks like Dr.Wily misses Dr. Eggman..

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    @SamuraiSnake: Given the whole reason the changes happened to begin with… very, VERY unlikely.

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    “no universe will be safe”
    Sonic/Sailor Moon Crossover Confirmed

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    “The Megan Man Panel” Who’s Megan Man?

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    So Megaman’s side of the world has all kinds of stuff while Sonic’s side is nothing but Green Hill Zone, is this some kind of commentary (in that case it should be Seaside Hill insteaed haha)or because of some silly rule from SEGA stops them from doing something like this

    Remember this is the same SEGA that brought the enforced branding rule of “Sonic’s World”.

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